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A Lake diWine

lagodivino552_lowWork: Docufiction
Duration: 50 mins
Shooting format: HD 128×720 24p
Shooting period: November 2011 – June 2012
Distribution period: August 2012


Valentina is getting ready for her graduation thesis, during her medieval history studies  in the territory of Tuscia and she develops a great attraction for Bolsena lake, where the Queen of the Goths – Amalasunta – was killed.

The docufiction aims to increase the value of the territory by way of the cinematographic reconstruction of three historic events.
Through the eyes of the present we travel again through the places which marked out the epochal events.
The central idea of our narration is focused on three young students who, coming from Rome, decide  to visit the cities of Bolsena, Montefiascone and Martana island.
During their touristic itinerary they’ll go along with the viewers  in the places where the narrated events really took place.
The film is supported by landscape views and descriptions made by a narrator who will accompany us through the path.

The introduction to the historical events will be edited by experts in the field who’ll be interviewed and will enrich the reconstruction of the events themselves; it will lead to the change of scenary that will project us straight to the reference historical period.

The historical events considered are:
The origins of “EST, EST, EST” wine in Montefiascone, historical event of 111, due to Martino, vassal of Bishop Defuk.
The miracle of eucharist which took place in the Church of Santa Cristina in Bolsena in 1263, recognized today as the worldwide celebrations of Corpus Christi.
The Queen of the Ostrogoths’ death – Amalasunta – that occurred in 535 on Martana island, where still today according to popular beliefs her ghost is to be found.


Storyline by Maurizio Albano

Simonfilm production

Executive producer Gianluca Cantone for Medialoop

Director of photography Gioacchino Cantone

Directors Devis Annibali, Gianluca Cantone

Acting cast:

Amalasunta/Wanderer Valentina Valentina Rito
Lucia’s Friend Lucia Scarabino
Wanderer Fabrizio Fabrizio Licari
Wanderer Mario Mario Marku
Merchant Monica Amoroso
Pope Urbano IV Angelo Rinelli
Parson Bohemo Gio Cantone
Vassal Martino Alex Annibali
Host Domenico Mocini
Pope’s AssistantGianluca Bonucci
Killer Gabriele Manzi
Riders: Antonio Franco Palumbo
Massimo Merlo
Plebians: Angelo Bellegri
Stefano Manzi
Ornella Zacconi
Narrator’s voice Alessandro Fiorucci

Technical Cast:
Production Manager Valentina Rito
Coordinator Francesca Cantone
Stage Manager Franco Regano
Administrator Monica Amoroso
Video operator Gianluca Cantone
Operator Assistant Massimo Ferrari
Edition secretary Caterina Ricciardi
Sound engineer Gianluca Bonucci
Make up artist Giovanna Stasi
Costume designer Violetta Fiorentino
Special effects Davide Bracci
Location manager Gianfranco Oliviero
Runner Paolo Molettieri
Video editing Gianluca Cantone



Municipality of Bolsena and Montefiascone

For the interviews:


Fabio Brugnoli

President of Montefiascone wine cooperative


Dr. Pietro Tamburini
Archeologist  e Director of Bolsena Territorial Museum


Father Domenico Marra
Basilica of Santa Cristina in Bolsena

For the locations:
 Est Est Est Wine cellar of Montefiascone
Madonna della Valle Church of Montefiascone
Rocca dei Papi Ex Prisons of Montefiascone
Castle of Santa Severa
Cafè of Bolsena Harbour
Capo Bianco Farm of Montefiascone

MP. Renato Trapè
Culture Assessor of Montefiascone

Gabriele Manzi
President of the historical parade of Montefiascone

Music by

Paio Margarita
Nithin Kamal

The lost Word
Epico Soul Factory

Tancant Els Ulls

Improvisation on Friday
Alex Beroza

Anima Rising
Caroline Lavelle

The Voice
Eimear Quinn

The work has been realized with support of Regione Lazio Fondo Regionale per il Cinema e l’Audiovisivo.


Watch the backstage on Youtube

Storyline and screenplay Maurizio Albano
Executive production Media Loop entertainment
Directed by Devis Annibali



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