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Evening Shadow



Art. 27 of our Constitution gives imprisonment a clear function of inestimable social value: to support and go along with the convicted citizens in a re-education and rehabilitation process which should allow them, after serving their sentence, to reintegrate socially and professionally in civil society. Of this process, this tormented path to liberation from condemnation, our society knows very little, still conditioned by a vision of the prison as a place of punishment as an end in itself.

The docu-fiction“Ombre della sera” (Evening Shadows), interpreted by 5 ex- prisoners of Rebibbia N.C. Prison, takes its origin with the intention of telling about the difficult process of social and occupational reintegration who undertake the “liberating” back in the outside world after years of separation.
By following their paths in a discreet and participated way, the project aims to interlace their troubled biographies, and narrate the moving adventure of going back home after years of detention, the path of reconstruction of emotions and social relationships, the difficulties of orientation in a world which is now so different from the one they had lived and left.
All the characters in the movie move between documentary reconstruction and cinema fiction, in a hybrid area where real-life and literary narrative merge and become indistinguishable.
An ambitious project in which cinema of civil commitment goes back to being social art, a look which plunges into reality and deciphers it, between poetry and social protest, photography and reconstruction, fiction and truth



Storyline and Script: Valentina Esposito
Production: Simonfilm in cooperation with Lupin Film
Photography director: Luca Nervegna
Director: Valentina Esposito

Acting Cast
Alessandro Bernardini

Matteo Cateni
Romolo Napolitano
Giancarlo Porcacchia
Sandro Verzili

Technical Cast:
Operator: Andrea Grossi
Operator Assistant: Ernesto Busillo
Operator helper: Andrea Cuomo
Edition Secretary: Francesca D’Antoni
Director’s assistant: Berenice Vignoli
Sound Engineer: Maximilien Gobiet
Production Director: Sabina Bianchini
Production Manager: Giorgia Pellegrini
Production Manager: Camilla Bramini



Contributi per il sostegno dei processi di digitalizzazione delle imprese del Lazio” – “VOUCHER DIAGNOSI DIGITALE” a valere sul “FSC 2014-2020 – Patto per la Regione Lazio” di cui alla Det. n. G10247 del 28 luglio 2021 e concesso con la Determinazione n.G15481 del 13/12/2021.

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