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The Voice

Italy 2013, 99′, DCP, color





In the “Italietta” of mysteries and deceits, the story of an imitator, as skillful as problematic, who’s being exploited by Secret Services to make phone calls using the voice of a Minister who died of a heart attack. To the first, perfectly successful call, many others follow, always more compromising and dangerous… until the story comes to its tragic and inevitable end.

The director

“I tried to tell a story where the incidents linked to action, thriller and noir, still leave space to the psychological analysis, indeed psychic, of characters. […]the imitation of voices through the use of telephone, in a moment in which most investigations and  media interest and curiosity are concentrated on wiretapping, I reckon it’s a topical subject, so as I consider strongly contemporary the existential tragedy of an imitator who, turning himself into “the others”, eventually can’t find himself anymore” [Augusto Zucchi]

Augusto Zucchi gets his diploma as an actor in 1968 at the Scuola del Teatro Stabile di Genova with Luigi Squarzina and in 1971 as a director at the Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica “Silvio D´Amico”. He directed and interpreted a great number of plays based on classic and contemporary texts, working together with cooperatives,  companies and Permanent Theaters. He is author of many theater plays. Together with Italo Moscati he founded a theater company which focused for some years on theater of civil commitment. From 1979 to 1981 he’s been co-director of the Permanent Theater of Bolzano with Alessandro Fersen. In 1982 he won the IDI prize for directing the piece “Terroristi”.

Alongside of his theater commitment he writes for cinema and television, also performing different roles. He is co-author with Carlo Lizzani of the script Caro Gorbaciov.


Acting Cast
Rocco Papaleo (Gianni, the imitator)
Augusto Zucchi (the
psychoanalyst Amati)
Antonia Liskova (Gloria, the singer)
Giulia Greco (Giulia, the daughter)
Franco Castellano (Magistrate De Bartolomei)
Mattia Sbragia (the man from Secret Services)
Augusto Fornari (the journalist, colleague of Giulia)
Riccardo Polizzi (Manfredi, TV executive)

 Technical Cast 

Augusto Zucchi 

Augusto Zucchi

Aldo Dimarcantonio
Fabio Delle Fratte

Eliana Consoni 

Stefamo Conti
Luciano Francisci

Stefano Bulgarelli
Erminia Palmieri
Fabio Vitale

Agostino Varchi
Susanna Ferrando

Ghete Strano


Produzione Straordinaria



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