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Simonfilm was created by the will of his founder, Dr Maurizio Albano, veterinary doctor, who’s been devoted  since years to the stray animals issue. In his spare time he is an inspired emergent writer, always capable of coming up with new and  imaginative stories and  ideas.

Simonfilm takes its steps in a difficult moment for Italian culture and economy but, thanks to its optimistic attitude, it chose to produce documentaries and movies with plots which bring back to life positive values – maybe lost too soon – and the old way of simple living the mystery of existence.

Far away from major productions and having smaller resources available, Simonfilm does not get dishearted by the comparison. Great is its desire to help creating and producing a clean, imaginative world, cohesive with both nature and spirit.

In our production we tend to favor young artists: emerging directors and actors, just on condition that they share our work philosophy. For our films we like to focus on beautiful and wild locations, the less considered ones, distant from the more usual and common settings.

In this short digression on Simonfilm, we want to get a glimpse of our production company’s potentials, by means of which we believe we’ve thrown our stone in the sea of emerging cinema.


Contributi per il sostegno dei processi di digitalizzazione delle imprese del Lazio” – “VOUCHER DIAGNOSI DIGITALE” a valere sul “FSC 2014-2020 – Patto per la Regione Lazio” di cui alla Det. n. G10247 del 28 luglio 2021 e concesso con la Determinazione n.G15481 del 13/12/2021.

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